As we approach Christmas Day and the beginning of a New Year, we look back and remember moments of years gone by. Sometimes memories are welcomed like an old friend bringing familiarity and comfort to our soul. Other times a snapshot of deep loss or sudden tragedy can evoke feelings of pain and regret.


One ideal we all share is that the spirit of Christmas is "meant" to be a time of HOPE and PEACE. Albeit this vision is often interrupted with reminders of experiences we may have encountered at some point in our lives; sickness, loneliness, loss, poverty, and prejudices of all forms are painful realities which can impede our ability to experience the true joy and love that Christmas is meant to bestow. For those of us, I extend my heartfelt prayers and wishes for healing and strength.


At this time I also want to thank all of you who have given me support and friendship throughout the year. I wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with HOPE and PEACE!






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It’s that wonderful time of the year! I don’t mean when the kids go back to school; it’s when the season of Christmas is in full bloom.  Parking lots are swarming with anxious shoppers, while stores are ringing out “Deck the Halls,” displaying flashing coloured lights, Santa’s and snowmen of every size. Amidst all the clamour and glitz, you decide it’s time to sell your house.  With parties, Christmas pageants, and preparation for this festive celebration, selling your house seems virtually impossible, but it’s not. If time is of the essence, and selling your house is imminent, here are a few suggestions:


  1. Allow your Realtor to host an Open House with fragrant apple cider brewing in a slow cooker. Put a tray of holiday treats out for buyers to enjoy while viewing your home. You can use the Christmas décor and joyful ambience to allow buyers to experience how cozy and inviting your home is.
  2. If it’s icy and cold, make sure pathways and entrances are de-iced and walkways are well lit.
  3. As with selling any other time of year, keep pathways open and sweep leaves and debris to give an overall “clean and fresh” appearance. Do the necessary “touch ups” with paint and trim. Spruce up the yard and keep decorations tasteful and remember that quite often “less is more”.
  4. Turn up the thermostat and put the fireplace on while playing soft music in the background. This allows buyers to feel relaxed and comfortable in your home. The overall experience is what helps to sell your home.
  5. Remember to check all lights to make sure no bulbs are burnt out. Turn all the lights on for showings because a well illuminated home not only feels more approachable, it allows buyers to see what the house offers.
  6. With all the preparation of dinners, entertaining, and shopping, take some time to de-compress and allow your Realtor to do their job in marketing your home and getting it SOLD.
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